advertising blimps and giant balloons increase sales.

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Over 400 Giant Balloons and Advertising Blimps in stock!


Giant Balloons and Advertising Blimps

giant balloons increase sales. Giant balloons and helium advertising blimps made in the USA.


If you want to deal directly with the manufacturer please give us a call. Almost all the companies you see listed on the web re-sale advertising balloons made in China or India. The advertising blimps they sale are made of pvc which is heavy and contains volatile organics.

We make our advertising blimps, made from polyurethane, to be lighter, stronger and retain helium better than pvc and no volatile organics. Our prices are competitive even with the better material we use.
Never, ever buy an advertising blimp made from pvc.

Advertising Blimps and Balloons create Profits!

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